Eco-friendly paper

Our commitments to sustainable development

We offer eco-friendly solutions to have a greater impact on the environment:

  • FSC®-certified papers (Forest Stewardship Council) supporting responsible management of the world’s forests, in line with our responsible procurement policy and our principles of environmental, social and economic development
  • Tree-free papers collections, manufactured from annual plants residues
  • Eco-friendly papers collection made with recycled fibers from post-consumer waste, thus giving it a second life
  • Papers realized with natural dyes colouring


Collection Bagasse
Collection Esprit de Nature
Certification FSC C011356


In order to meet the challenge of preserving the world's natural resources, and more specifically forests, we have obtained FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification. "Responsible Forest Management" is a mechanism for environmental, social and economic development which aims to "meet the needs of the current generation without harming the ability of future generations to meet their needs". We are committed to complying with the criteria defined in FSC® standards, and in particular we do not use paper pulp from:

  • illegally exploited timber
  • timber exploited in violation of civil and customary rights
  • timber exploited in forests where management activities threaten conservation principles
  • timber exploited in forests converted into plantations and not used as forest
  • timber from genetically modified forests