Collection Bagasse

BAGASSE paper is the result of an eco-design process ranging from growth of the raw material to recycling of the product.

The BAGASSE collection integrates a fundamental value of sustainable development: the valorisation of by-products and, as a result, sustainable management of our planet's resources. It is made up of annual plants that ensure very rapid storage of CO² in a sustainable material: paper.

BAGASSE is characterised by a choice of innovative raw materials:

  • based on the use and valorisation of by-products, their implementation does not affect the resources available in raw materials and food product resources
  • composed of 100% annual plants which store Co² very quickly
  • whose cultures respect the fauna and flora
  • its papermaking process requires less energy than other cellulose fibres
  • can be recycled with any other paper, regardless of its plant origins
Collection Bagasse