Grains de Papier

Collection grain de papier - Master Process

Masterprocess™ collection is based on an exclusive process patented by Papeterie Zuber Rieder. This solution allows a label to resist prolonged immersion in an ice bucket (48 hours).

Masterprocess™ combines a wet strength treatment guaranteeing optimum resistance to contact with water, and anti-fungal treatment preventing the spread of mould on labels in cellar. Masterprocess™ reinforces the label's opacifying, water-repellent and hydrophobic properties.

Masterprocess™ is available in a large type of papers offering:

  • vellums
  • machinery finishes, raw, felted, with laid lines or embossed surfaces
  • natural white or extra-white or even pearlescent colours

These papers are used only for self-adhesive labels.

With the MASTER PROCESS your labels immersed in an ice bucket benefit from unique properties:

  • Long-lasting colour integrity
  • Excellent opacity
  • The perfect label fit on the bottle
  • A complete solution without coated protective film

MASTER WHITE : intense white paper

MASTER STEPPE : natural white paper

MASTER VERGÉ SIROCCO : natural white paper

MASTER WHITE MARTELÉ : extra-white paper, slight embossed surface with light irregular hammer blows


MASTER PEP'S SILVER : pearlescent silver paper

MASTER PEP'S SILVER DEGRÉ : pearlescent silver paper, surface embossed with subtle oblique lines


Collection grain de papier - Prestige

The PRESTIGE line includes papers dedicated to the boldest and most prestigious communications. Their compositions, textures and characteristics are an invitation into the world of luxury.


Their colours vary according to the angle of view and the angle of the light to create originality and attract attention. PEP’S collection offers a choice of 3 pearlescent shades with a rough or embossed surface finish. Embossing is obtained by dry pressing an engraved cylinder.

  • PEP'S SILVER : pearlescent silver
  • PEP'S SILVER DEGRÉ : pearlescent silver, surface embossed with subtle oblique markings
  • PEP'S SILICIUM : pearlescent beige, rough surface
  • PEP'S SILICIUM CARAT : pearlescent beige, diamond-shaped embossed surface with clean, regular contours.
  • PEP'S GOLD : pearlescent gold, rough surface
  • PEP'S GOLD LINÉAL : pearlescent gold, surface embossed with finely chiselled vertical lines


Integrally intense black coloured paper and carbon-free.

  • BRUT de VERGÉ CAVIAR : distinguished by fine parallel horizontal (laid lines) and vertical (chain lines) lines.
  • VÉLIN CAVIAR : a historical support for writing, this paper with a smooth surface is a vellum especially designed for labels.

Pur Coton

This premium paper collection with a soft and silky touch reveals its precious and luxurious identity. Its composition from an exclusive selection of cotton linters gives it excellent printability and the sharpness of the finest embossing and hot foil stamping.

Collection grain de papier - Essentiels

ESSENTIELS brings together the sure values, the essentials of the label. Their timeless colours and textures underline the traditional values and know-how of the most prestigious brands.


These white or ivory papers allow fine horizontal (laid lines) and vertical (chain lines) lines to be seen through the transparency.

Brut de vergé

These white or ivory papers reveal fine horizontal (laid lines) and vertical (chain lines) lines with surface reliefs even more accentuated than those of the laid lines.


White or ivory, these papers evoke parchment. It is a grain-free paper, smooth, matt or satin.


Natural white paper with a rough finish.

Collection grain de papier - Structurés

STRUCTURÉS offers a wide range of surface finishes visible on the front of the label. These reliefs are more or less marked according to their design.


Felted grain papers with fine and subtle reliefs which are obtained on the paper machine by pressing a textile felt.

2 new felts have been added to our collection: Symphonie and Organdie.

Symphonie leaves an elegant and finely crafted imprint

Organdie leaves an airy and puffy imprint

Tramé leaves a fine foamy impression of dots and lines.

Brut de Vélin leaves a natural raw surface


These are papers that have undergone a transformation process to obtain textures in relief with clear and regular contours by dry pressing of an engraved cylinder.

Degré of surface embossed with subtle oblique marks

Martelé is an image of light, irregular hammer blows.

Carat is an image of diamond facets.

Toilé is a pattern evoking a linen weave.

Collection grain de papier - Performance - Extra Blancs

Pure and sublime white papers


Felted paper with a natural raw surface appearance.

Blizzard taffetas

Paper with a smooth surface appearance and a fluffy touch.

Blizzard satiné

Paper with a smooth surface appearance and a satin feel.

Blizzard martelé

Paper with a slightly marked embossing reminiscent of irregular hammer blows.


Paper with the appearance of a raw machine surface.


Paper with the appearance of a raw machine surface.

Collection grain de papier - Performance - Ecologiques

Esprit de nature

Esprit de nature offers two recycled, FSC® certified papers : 


It is a paper with a rough surface appearance with a natural relief and texture, combining a colouring ensured by the use of pigments of natural origin from France.

These natural pigments are highly resistant to light, ultraviolet rays and humidity and are long-lasting.

This is a paper with a machine finish surface coloured with natural pigments from France.


It is a paper made from a mix of recycled pulp and the recovery of production waste, which gives it a natural look.


Bagasse offers a solution in terms of sustainable development. It is a paper made exclusively from annual plants.

BAGASSE Chantilly

It is a paper with the appearance of machinery surface.

Collection grain de papier - Performance - Impression numérique

We offer a range of 5 label papers adapted to digital printing technologies, including 5 "Indigo Certified" references.

Our "Indigo Certified" treatment, which has been awarded the highest rating, 3 stars, during its certification, guarantees excellent print quality and is suitable for:

  • overprinting
  • gilding
  • embossing
  • varnishing

This treatment can also be applied to all paper of GRAINS DE PAPIER collection on request.

BRUT de VÉLIN Alaska

It is a paper with a machinery finish finely marked by a felt marker.

VERGÉ Muguet

It is a paper which, by transparency, reveals horizontal (laid lines) and vertical (chain lines) lines.


It is an ultra-smooth paper.


This natural white paper is a machinery finish vellum.


This is an embossed paper with a traditional texture.

Collection grain de papier - Performance - AVS

AVS (Acrylic Varnish Suitable) is a new technical process that allows the application of an acrylic varnish on uncoated paper.

This treatment ensures high quality printing and an optimal optimum label protection.

This treatment can be applied to some papers from GRAINS DE PAPIER collection on request.


This natural white machine-finished vellum paper has a surface coating allowing printing with an acrylic varnish.

Collection grain de papier - Performance - AVS