Grains de Papier R01

Collection grain de papier R01 - Permafrost

The PERMAFROST collection is based on a new, exclusive and patented process by PAPETERIE ZUBER RIEDER.

This specific treatment, Permafrost®, enables adhesive or traditional labels to resist immersion in an ice bucket for up to 24 hours.

Labels immersed in an ice bucket have unique properties:

  • Long-lasting colour integrity
  • Excellent opacity
  • The perfect label fit on the bottle
  • A complete solution without coated protective film
  • Print appearance is enhanced
  • High quality print result’s
  • Suitable for use in self-adhesive and traditional labels
Collection grain de papier R01 - Saveurs

The SAVEURS collection combines certified papers suitable for direct or indirect contact with dry or fatty foods, with the addition of an optional grease barrier treatment.

This grease-proof treatment make grease, oil and fat repellent papers, adding value to the food contact barrier properties.

Food labels - olive oil, balsamic vinegar, caviar, caviar, jam, chocolate, delicatessen - now have ZUBER RIEDER fine papers with food certification, BfR XXXVI standard (including compliance with the 1935-2004 standard).

The SAVEURS collection also includes a range of papers compatible with thermal transfer printing, a technique commonly used to complete the information on labels by adding variable data such as: product name, ingredients, use-by date, batch number, vintage, etc...

Collection grain de papier R01 - Second life

SECOND LIFE papers solves the problems linked to the recycling of returnable glass bottles, with a "Laugenfest" treatment making paper labels alkali-resistant.

In some markets returnable glass bottles are used to limit waste and allow producers to reuse them.

In order to reuse this packaging format, the label must be removed from the bottle using an automated process. Before being rinsed with water, the glass bottles are cleaned in hot baths of alkaline solution including soda. As well as essential use of a water-soluble glue, the choice of paper is also critical in this process in order not to block the filters of the equipment used.

Our special "Laugenfest" treatment prevents the paper disintegration during the cleaning process.

Collection grain de papier R01 - Excès

The luxury paper collection "EXCÈS" gives opportunities to create eye-catching communications and an exclusive brand image thanks to their texture and composition.

Designers, artists, printers, premium brands and all talented creatives can realize sophisticated printing finishes & effects with "EXCÈS" collection.


"OBSESSION" is a prestigious paper, subtly mixing traditional and synthetic fibres, with a soft and silky touch.

The combination of these fibres gives natural strength to the paper, which is lightly textured, and allows multi-level embossing and ensures perfectly the sharpness of hot foil stamping.


"ADDICTION" is a luxury paper entirely made with 100% cotton pulp, with a silky and softy touch.

It is a lightly textured paper with a high grammage offering unique embossing or debossing results, and enhancing hot foil stamping.

Collection grain de papier - Performance - AVS