GRAINS DE PAPIER, The finest labelling solutions

Each client is unique, then we have developed a premium quality paper collection for different uses and different types of printing, meeting the requirements of designers and printers.

Since 2015, GRAIN DE PAPIER offers a complete collection available in stock and divided into five range of products:

  • 60 papers available in stock
  • 60 papers available in stock
  • 2 new felt machinery
  • 1 mechanical felt (embossing)
  • 2 new types of pearlescent papers
  • New AVS (Acrylic Varnish Suitable) technology for printing with acrylic varnish
  • A large choice of extra-white papers
  • MASTER PROCESS’s collection extension with 7 standard references
  • An eco-friendly solution with 100% recycled FSC® certified paper coloured with natural pigments
  • A new service - the One Roll Concept : 29 papers stored in reels ensuring a prompt response and minimum orders reduced.

Grains de papier R01 Évolution

"GRAINS DE PAPIER R01ÉVOLUTION" with 4 collections, is an extension of our GRAINS DE PAPIER collection and offers new technical solutions.

ice-bucket proof for up to 24 hours

certified papers suitable for food contact and grease-proof

papers designed for returnable glass bottles that will be reuse

luxurious and daring papers dedicated to the most demanding embossings

"R01ÉVOLUTION" enlarges the offer with a complete range of 118 produIn addition to our label papers collection, we offer a wide range of "Tailor-Made" solutions to give designers, printers and other users unlimited creativity.


Our Carré Packaging collection, which conveys both brand identity and facilitates brand recognition, enhances the products of the world's best-known brands. Thanks to its extraordinary appeal, it arouses both desire and strong emotions.

Papeterie Zuber Rieder offers to designers and all talented creative minds a wide range of papers in different colours and finishes, allowing them to achieve outstanding graphic designs using the latest printing and processing techniques.

We are widening our offer though brand new eco-friendly solutions.


PUR COTON collection is made with premium cotton fibres, that are fixed on seeds called "linters" and have physical and mechanical characteristics that increase the printing capacity of the dye, thus offering an intense and homogenous colouring.

The silky and velvety touch of PUR COTON paper is synonymous with luxury and elegance.

The PUR COTON paper used in screen printing, gives unique results and provides outsanding printing performance.

The quality of this paper facilitates and ensures the sharpness of the finest embossings and hot foil printing.


We offer a wide choice of materials used in the production of scented cards in our "CARRÉ DES SENS" collection. Also known as fragrance tester strips, perfumed cards or scent blotters, the scent cards appear in different formats in a variety of colours and thicknesses. Each of them have the same requirements and our production methods offer the perfect solution:

  • The ability to faithfully reproduce the most complex of fragrances skilfully created by the most talented of noses
  • High-level performance during different stages in the transformation process: creasing, embossing and hot-foil printing, etc