Pur coton

Collection Pur Coton

PUR COTON® by Zuber Rieder

The silky and velvety touch of PUR COTON® by Zuber Rieder collection is synonymous with luxury and elegance.

PUR COTON® collection is available in different weights: 120 g/m², 250 g/m², 350 g/m², 500 g/m² and 710 g/m².

Cotton fibres come from fibres fixed on seeds called "linters" and have physical and mechanical characteristics that increase the printing capacity of the dye, thus offering an intense and homogenous colouring.

PUR COTON® by Zuber Rieder collection used in screen printing, gives unique results and provides outsanding printing performance.

The quality of this paper facilitates and ensures the sharpness of the finest embossings and hot foil printing.

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